Our history began in 1952. Luigi had the intuition and the courage of abandoning the traditional peasant activities.
With his eldest son Sergio, he reorganized the company with significant changes by methodically taking up vine cultivation.

In the early 1980s, the time was right and the same enthusiasm for change involved the other two sons Giovanni and Alessandro too. With the right amount of experience, they were then able to move onto the exclusive production of wine-sector products… the vines had now become solid vineyards.
Over the years, the company broadened its range of properties in the most suitable areas and further expanded in the territory.

The company can now count on a significant qualified space in the DOC area of the Berici Hills.
MURARO ‘952 is led by the three brothers Sergio, Giovanni and Alessandro with the key objective of constantly improving the quality of the wines.
We are more and more competent and young every day, as the new generation is becoming part of the company. Pieralberto, Giovanni’s son, has joined in 2016, and Alyce, Alessandro’s daughter, has joined us in 2018.